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Here you are able to purchase ranks and extras. To choose the a server you wish to receive the purchase on, select a category on the menu above or at the checkout.


> Please check that the username you have entered is correct and has the proper capitalisation.

> Purchases sully take up to 15 min to arrive, but sometimes might take an hour to go through.

> Being online at the time of purchase is advised.

> Make sure that your inventory/pokeslots are empty at the time of purchase.


What do I do if i haven't received the package?

Purchases might take up to an hour to arrive. If a day has past and you still didn't receive your package please make sure to create a create a support ticket. There you can submit proof of you buying and why you think it didn't go through, then a member of staff can help you.



We do not give away any personal information given at the time of purchase.



The terms and conditions could change at any time, with or without notification or approval of the customer.


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